Visual Communication

Art Direction

Art Direction

While I've art directed many projects that I've also participated in, at Lyft I had the opportunity to Art Direct outside agencies and individual artists in many capacities. Below are a few of my favorite.


Lyft Earth Day Social Campaign

For this campaign, we had a typical tight turnaround and I was lucky enough to brief in talented illustrator Yukai Du on the concept of looking toward an earth friendly future. 

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Lyft Equal Pay Day Campaign

Lyft's focus on women and the environment has been a joy for me, and I saw huge synergies in the work of Libby Van der Ploeg.  She was a pleasure to work with through several storyboard sequences through to the final.

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Lyft Economic Impact Story

After distilling the three major categories with Peter and writer Mandy Zibart, I briefed in and worked with Illustrator Virginie Morgand to conceptualize and create the showpiece illustrations for each section and then designed all the type and layouts for the various form factors.

How Magazine awarded this project a 2017 In-House Design Award 

Lyft Origin Story

Wow, can you imagine how amazing it was to have my first go around as "a client" be with Buck, continuing to tell the story I started working on at Lyft 3 years previously? What a different experience to work with a huge budget, over many many months, and with all the firepower of Buck at your fingertips. A dream come true. 

Ricardo Viramontes was my fearless leader/Creative Director/mentor, and Copywriter Chris Parsons was such a strong creative spirit and inspiration. We worked especially hard developing the "Future of Cities" section to make sure it told the unique vision of Lyft.

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